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Chapter 2 - EG Evolved - December 2020

Due to great support from the community out there, this business went from nothing to being quite successful in a very short space of time. As you know, no successful company goes without its challenges. A difference in opinion on how I personally wanted to develop this business, also meant a split between myself and my start-up partner. This also meant a change in the way I want to support the community out there.

During the past few months, a lot of thinking went into the development of a new business model and an exciting new products range. While EG Evolved Sim Rigs will focus on ongoing development of its own products, I am hoping to also provide a platform for smaller companies/individuals to make their products available via our online platform.

The South African market is too small and collaboration with each other is important, even when we compete on some levels. I would like to invite the various businesses and individuals to work with us to ensure that we service the local gaming community with all the great products that we have here in South Africa. 

Our Mission

My personal mission with this endeavor is to provide the community with QUALITY products and EXCELLENCE in customer service.

Our Goal

To become a comprehensive one-stop-shop for all Gamers, Sim Gamers and Product Providers in the local market.

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